Sell domains: How to make money with domains?

By choosing the right name for your domain and then wanting to resell it, with a bit of cunning or a bit of luck, you can sometimes earn even considerable sums. In this case, the quality or complexity of the site you have published to your web address does not play any role. In fact, those who want to devote themselves to the sale of domains do not need any site in and of themselves: it is the address itself that has value. If you have a domain that other people want, you might even have a small fortune. But how exactly?

Determine the value of a domain
First you need to know what value certain domains have. The first signs of a domain’s value are already in the URL: such as the popular Top Level Domain . com or .it are much more in demand than the new TLDs,such as those .beauty. Domains with short but effective names are preferable to long, multi-word domains. Domains that are composed of many parts or contain many words are difficult to sell, and are usually unprofitable.

To get an idea of the market value of your domain, you can use online tools, such as Namebio,that indicate the sales prices of domain names similar to yours. This way you can figure out what price you can claim for your domain. It makes sense that you would like to earn as much as possible, but be careful, as too high a price could discourage buyers. So find a middle ground.

Determine the sales channel
There are several possibilities to sell a domain. For example, you can put a warning on the domain homepage, almost a kind of “for sale” sign. So interested parties can contact you directly to discuss the sale of the domain. Other domain sellers are successful on eBay. The auction platform offers a good and well-known infrastructure. The procedure for buying a domain on eBay is the same as for any other type of product.

However, there are also websites dedicated to buying and selling domains. Platforms like Sedo or Flippa provide marketplaces on which you can offer your domains. These platforms are specifically dedicated to the sale of domains, so ideal not only to sell domains, but also for those who want to buy domains that could potentially have value, with the intention of profiting later.

Giving information
In general, each domain owner must provide their contact information in the Whois database. This is a register that is normally publicly accessible. However, since Whois data raises some privacy concerns and is often subject to spam attacks, this information is often kept secret. Those who want to sell a domain should always make their contact details visible, so that they can be easily contacted by interested buyers.

Domain Sale: Where can I sell a domain to earn something?

What is a domain?
It is the name of a site said in simple terms. Once the websites, let’s talk about prehistory, had only the ip of the visible site, for a matter of convenience and therefore of characterization were encoded in names and divided into levels.

where you buy a web domain
There are special services, providers that deal with offering their customers domains, hosting, servers and why not sometimes even real all-inclusive offers where everything is included.

The best sites to sell and buy domains as marketplaces
Nidoma and Sedo on all regarding the Italian market.

There are not many sites in Italy at least where you can sell web domains and therefore therefore buy them “second hand”, used or not used (yes there are domains that are in fact bought with the sole aim of being resold): Prices range from a few pennies to 500 euros, or much more, really depends on some factors.

Hosting, the cousin of the domain
Let’s make a small impact on hosting. What is a hosting? Hosting is a “virtual” space or rather, it is a network service that consists of allocating on a web server the web pages of a website. It is often purchased in partnership with the domain, precisely because if there was no hosting a domain in essence could not be published on the net.

That said, we strongly recommend SiteGround,in our opinion hosting today that guarantees the best performance ever for a website (made with WordPress): page load speed,super efficient technical support and excellent security standards!

Market characteristics of a domain
Web domains, like all goods in the world have a reference market. Let’s see in the continuation of the article what are some factors of fundamental importance to understand the value of a domain and beyond.

What are the factors that affect economic value in a domain?
There are two factors that affect the value of a domain, but there are two that are worth pointing out:

the historicity of the domain. So how old this domain is, and especially if over the years this domain has hosted a website full of valuable content then hoarding it can be an advantage for anyone.
dry key within the domain name. We want to make a site that sells hoverboards, do you agree that if we available we are particularly lucky? The dry key also acquires a value if it is much searched by users on Google (hoverboard source SEOZoom we are on the 27,000 monthly searches).

We can say that the best tools for assessing the search volume of a domain are SEOZoom and SEMrush.

Expiring domains
Yes, there are sites that in fact involve the purchase of domains that are expiring. We see it calmly in the next paragraphs.

dominio in scadenza

How much does a web domain cost?
It can also cost less than 1 euro a new web domain, bought by a provider, as explained before.

How much does a valuable web domain cost?
It can cost as much as 20,000 euros.

Tools that help us understand the true value of a web domain
If I own, I know that it is worth a lot because with tools like SEMrush I can identify the value of this keyword, pizza for example per month is searched in Italy, so on, from 90,500 people per month, do you understand how much it can be worth in monetary terms So much so, there is no doubt about that.

Take a look at the only course in Italy: “Sell domains: do business by selling domains and websites”

Does it make sense to buy web domains with the exact key?
It makes a lot of sense, especially in small affiliate projects. It doesn’t make much sense if you’re going to build a long-term project where you’re going to build a real brand.