How To Choose The Perfect Baby Stroller For Your Baby

After the baby is born, women suffer many problems like a panic attack, depression, pain, and skin conditions. The journey of newborns is difficult and, that’s why we have a baby stroller.

The strollers come in various types and many features. They help in the easy transport of the baby from one place to another. Now the question which arises is- How to choose a perfect stroller for your baby?

While some strollers are designed to use since birth, they may not be suitable for your baby. Every baby is different, and the developing status of babies varies. Apart from choosing the best playard by reading twin play yard reviews, Mothers need to choose the perfect baby stroller for their newborns by researching on strollers. But no worries, this guide is here to help you.

Points to keep in mind while buying a stroller

Living styles- Your lifestyle can influence the type of stroller you choose. If you love to drive and you are not so athletic, then you should purchase a lightweight stroller or a stroller that is more sturdy and comfortable.

Size and weight of the stroller– Carefully choose the correct size of your stroller while keeping various points in mind such as –

  • Is it foldable or not?
  • Will the stroller fit through our doors or in the trunk of your car?
  • Will the stroller be easy to lift or not?

Check the wheels– If you wish to buy large strollers or jogging strollers, then you must check for bigger wheels in a fixed position as they are more durable.

Budget- Consider buying the best stroller equipped with all the features. Buy a stroller that is affordable following the features.

Age of the baby- Buy a stroller that is suitable for baby. For babies aged less than three months, consider buying a fully reclining stroller.

Types of strollers

Full-size stroller– It is Bigger, sturdier, and durable. Many models are available with the full range of features that guarantee a joyful ride to babies.


  • Wide, padded seat and very comfortable
  • Reclining seat
  • Baskets for storage
  • Expandable canopies
  • Can attach to a car seat


  • Can be bulky and heavy
  • Not suitable for climbing stairs and small places.

Lightweight or umbrella stroller– The features are less compared to the full-sized stroller, but it is easy to move.


  • Very light
  • Designed for portability
  • Partial seat recline
  • Expandable canopy


  • Not suitable for newborn babies
  • Jogging stroller-


  • Super suspension makes it easy to walk and jog and keep baby in comfort.
  • Compatible with the car seat
  • Deep declining seeds
  • Generous storage baskets
  • Equipped with handbrake, 5 point harness, and wrist strap


  • As it is a jogging stroller, it can be a bit heavier
  • Challenging to assemble

Double stroller-Good for twin babies.  Available in two formats

1.       Tandem –one child sits at the front, and one child sits behind.

2.       Side-by-side

Pros- Good option for multiple children

Cons-Bigger and bulkier strollers

Strollers come in many sizes. Choosing an affordable and comfortable baby stroller according to your considerations will be very e fruitful for the mother and the newborn. Checking safety, security, and budget must be kept in mind before purchasing a stroller.