What is co-working space?

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Generally, everyone does their work at the office. Sometimes they need to work at home. When this situation comes then the workers use this co-working space askvenue. This is simply like an office but there are a lot of workers who work in that place and they are not coming from the same office. This will help the workers to come out from isolation. The workers can use the infrastructure, equipments, and utilities they provide. Even some co-working space allows their workers to use receptionist too. It is very useful for professionals who travel daily. And this will give relief from stress. So this is what co-working space is and additional details of this will be given below and start reading. 

Types of co-working spaces:

It is not only a physical place but also establishing a community. It will help people who are coming from urban places and try to popular their retail business. Because per day a lot of people come and do their work so if there are any products are advertise then they try to buy it. But sometimes not every coworking places not show willing to establish community and the main motive of this co-working space is attracting the freelance professionals to seek a community. Most of the real-estate dealers use this space and the first thing they try to selling desks first and after this process than building community is a second goal. These co-working spaces are not fit into the co-working model because sometimes they miss the social and informal aspects. 

History of co-working spaces:

In between two thousand six to two thousand fifteen there are a few spaces are introduced. But they allow only a few workers to work at that place. And day by day they improve their infrastructure and build community spaces. The very first co-working space is introduced in the year two thousand one and it gets popular in the year 2006. But they are not allowed every worker to use the space instead of they allow only health insurance, gym membership events only. This space is more than an office space because thousands of people use this space per day. In some countries, the company founders prefer their workers to work on co-working spaces. This is because when they work in this space they can experience other workers skills and knowledge. 

Five incredible facts about co working space:

The first one is in two thousand eight the number of workers using this co working space is nearly one million and globally it is nineteen thousand offices are using this space. The second one is the forty percent of the workspace is filled with freelance professionals, independent contractors, and self entrepreneurs. The third one is nearly seventy percent of people feel it is healthier than working at the office. The fourth one is the co-working spaces are planned to expand their locations globally. The fifth one is so many people say that this is very helpful to balance their personal and working environment.